The Ultimate HR Automation Platform
For Busy HR Professionals

Powerful Software to transform your HR World

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, fileshares and countless hours of manually updating documents and managing performance reviews.

AgendisHR automates Onboarding, Offboarding, Payroll setup
and provides unique and invaluable insights into staff costs, WHS issues and performance!

Built For & Integrated With the Microsoft 365 Platform​

Easy to use

agendisHR has an intuitive user interface making it easy for people of all skill levels to learn and use.

Automates Manual Processes

Automates initial data collection, the generation of contract documents, reminders and the digital signing process.

Saves Time

Reduces the delays associated with generating, sending and receiving signed contracts, certificates & licences.

Easy Report Generation

Real-time reports and Dashboards makes it easy to track all onboarding activities across your HR team.

Automated Emails & Reminders

Automatically emails New Hire forms, contracts, policies as well as Licence & Probationary period expiry reminders.


Drastically reduces the time required to onboard new people. It also helps HR teams collaborate effectively.

Data Sovereignty

agendisHR is deployed to your Microsoft 365 tenant removing any data sovereignty concerns.

Your Docs & Data, Your Control

agendisHR stores all your documents and data in YOUR SharePoint giving you total control and ownership of your data.

Do more with Microsoft365

agendisHR is built and integrated with the Microsoft365 platform meaning you can leverage your existing MIcrosoft licences.

Flawless Xero Payroll Integration? Xero Doubts with AgendisHR!

Offering versatile Integration - More Than Xero, AgendisHR Works with Your Chosen Finance Tools!

Dynamic Dashboards

AgendisHR‘s dynamic reporting features put your business’s onboarding activities at your fingertips.

View all of the critical metrics at a glance. Visualise which people are taking longer to onboard and why.

agendisHR‘s dynamic reporting lets you drill down into the details. Change the date range, select a user, and select a role. The reports update as you click.

Complete Configuration Control

AgendisHR give you complete configuration control of your onboarding processes.

You can setup multiple todo-lists to handle multiple onboarding processes. You can define different document sets to be used for specific roles (for example, managers may need additional contracts and policy documents).

You can also create multiple Awards, payroll frequencies probationary periods and much, much more.

Calculate Your Saving Power with AgendisHR

Our AgendisHR ROI Calculator provides a clear, dynamic comparison, illustrating not just the potential costs associated with other HR systems, but more importantly, the substantial savings you can achieve with AgendisHR. 

Integrated Email Functionality

AgendisHR revolutionises internal communications by integrating directly with Outlook, allowing you to send emails effortlessly from within the application.

This powerful feature enables HR professionals and team leaders to reach out to new joiners, existing employees, or their managers without the need to switch between multiple tools.

Whether updating a new hire about their starting details, sending reminders to employees, or communicating with management. Send messages to work emails, personal emails, or managers with just a few clicks, enhancing efficiency and ensuring that your communication is timely and professional.

Streamlined Employee Lifecycle Handling

AgendisHR organises New Joiners, Employees, and Leavers, simplifying onboarding management, the handling of existing employee data, and managing departures.

Users can complete tasks via todo-lists for each stage to transition employees smoothly, ensuring a streamlined and efficient HR management experience.

View employee career history, generate and upload relevant documents such as contracts, policies, and certificates, and conduct performance reviews all in one place.

Centralised Employee Profile Management at Your Fingertips

AgendisHR offers a centralised dashboard for accessing complete employee profiles in one intuitive interface.

This feature empowers HR professionals and managers to efficiently access all pertinent employee information, including contact details, compensation breakdowns, service duration, allowances, and performance evaluations, alongside a visual performance quadrant for at-a-glance assessment.

Furthermore, it consolidates all related documents, contracts, and reviews, streamlining the management process and ensuring that critical data is readily available.

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What to expect when you partner with us and AgendisHR for HR Automation:

AgendisHR Key Features

Automatic creation and delivery of documents for e-signing.

Automatic receipt and lodgement of signed documents.

Automatic data capture through e-Forms.

Built-in integration with Adobe Sign.

Set custom Salary, Entitlements, Additional Offer Terms.

Set custom Employee Agreements.

Helps meet auditability & compliance requirements.

Set automatic expiry reminders for certificates & licences.

Built-in PDF viewer for quick viewing of all documents.

Automatically sends new joiner data to Xero Payroll.

Request and track accreditations (licences, certificates).

Customise and configure your onboarding processes.

Customisable HR review processes. (eg. annual & probationary).

Create role-based document sets.

Customisable Offboarding Process.

Documents automatically stored in SharePoint - auditable.

Real-time tracking of onboarding activities & statuses.

Dynamic dashboards.

Automatic calculation of total annual employee cost.

Onboarding includes custom set-up.

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